Alibaba sets up blockchain support for shipment tracking on Koala trading platform

Alibaba, Giant Chinese E-commerce Group, introduced its new blockchain technology that is going to help customers to track their shipments for importers on the Koala platform.

As stated by Sina Finance, a Chinese technology company, Ant Financial blockchain algorithm will provide support for their consumers to track all logistic information about imports. If you scan QR code with the Alipay app you can get a full-detailed delivery report. That’s all you need!

The Koala application also got a useful update. From now one, Koala has a new cool feature, right after you have purchased something, special tracking icon will pop up. Clicking on it will show you «order signature» that is supposed to resist counterfeiting, and tracking Qr code.

The Koala platform expanding its technology influence. For now, tracking is only available for China, but in the nearest future, 62 countries and regions can join this blockchain system. Unfortunately, logistic info services will be accessible for a particular amount of brands, but 7 432 is still a huge number.

Furthermore, it’s needed to be mentioned that the Koala was bought by Alibaba Group at the end of last year. The company’s selling price was 2 billion dollars. Alibaba stated that blockchain is supposed to solve many logistic issues of platforms like Koala. Seller-consumer conflicts, loss of goods, incorrect tracking, irresponsibility just some of the problems that will be resolved. Ant Financial is a member of Alibaba Group and one of the most-advanced «fintech» companies. It’s also hard-working on blockchain development in all areas. Last year, small and medium-sized businesses got effective blockchain assist systems.

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