Ex-employee of Baidu convicted for mining on company servers

An ex-employee of the Chinese company Baidu was convicted with three years in prison and a 1 568$ fine for mining the Monero cryptocurrency on company servers in 2018.

According to the report published by the local publication Abacus, Chief Engineer An Bang, who was working on a popular search engine named Baidu, got three years of prison and a fine of 15 668$. In the time between April and June 2018 he uploaded mining scripts to approximately 200 Baidu servers.

However, the additional load on the system was noticed by the company, which reported it to the police, which ultimately led to Ban’s arrest. According to the report, Ban was convicted for three years in prison, as well as an 11 000 Yuan fine (1 568$) last month.

This case has added to the pool of incidents when employees tried to mine cryptocurrency through the servers of their companies. Last month the Kyiv prosecutor’s office reported about an employee of the “Informational judicial systems” state enterprise, who unlawfully used company-issued equipment for mining. In September of last year an ex-employee of a Sarov-based nuclear center was fined for mining on a supercomputer, and in May the Australian Government Contractor was prosecuted for mining on duty. In 2018 a Chinese school principal was eliminated from the Communist Party for mining on duty, and Crimean ex-government officials were fined for a similar crime.

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