Review: CCG Mining – A Goldmine of Cloud Mining

Review: CCG Mining – A Goldmine of Cloud Mining

Whether you want to start your own epic adventure in the cryptocurrency mining world, or you are already experienced in this, and just want to expand, you will always have to deal with the wide range of cloud platforms to choose from.

Where should you go? How to choose among them, in a more structured and aware manner? Unless you are the kind of person who prefers flipping a coin.

In the paragraph below, we have engaged into making your life and your choice easier, so that your earnings can increase smoothly. Thus, we are reviewing the CCG Mining cloud for you (

But wait! Aren’t all mining clouds similar at essence and shape? Well, no. It really matters if you make a counscious, well reviewed choice. And here is our rview of CCG Mining and what is their specific, unique offer, among all others.

Who is CCG Mining

Review: CCG Mining – A Goldmine of Cloud Mining
Review: CCG Mining – A Goldmine of Cloud Mining

They are an international team currency mining cloud, based in London, UK. CCG Mining is relatively new, as they started providing mining services in 2016. They were no pioneers, however, they started at the exact boom moment for the cryptocurrency trade. Thus you can understand how come they have gathered so much know-how on this market, survived the troubled or changing times and attracted lots of clients.

CCG Mining operates around this core value: „We make it easy for you”. And indeed, you will discover how their entire expertise in the area, is directed towards customers’ benefit and workflow ease.


Their goal is a long-term one. And you can totally feel that in the way they present their offers and client care. The primary goal is to develop the highest blockchain technology-based power in Europe.

Now we understand why they aslready established 6 offices in the following key-countries for cryptocurrency mining: United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Latvia.

The number of clients is also impressive and indicates that you are dealling with a seriuosly rooted provider. We’re talking about over 45.000 private clients and 850 enterprises.

So this could grant you some security when working with them.


Here is what you’ll get if you enter the cloud:

· Full-time, non-stop monitorization of activity

· A professional, experienced team

· High tech mining data technology

· Full on safety

· 99,9% uptime guarantee

· There are no purchase limitations

How did we feel when using this platform

Well, indeed you feel the ease of working with them. The ease of choosing your best fitted collaboration plan. They own two large area Mining Data Centers, very well secured against temperature fluctuation or any other type of threat. Thus, they are able to reduce the energy consumption, at the same time getting the hashing power at a higher level.

This is translated into cost efficiency. We really noticed that the offers are quite good when comparing market level and service efficency. The ease that we’ve encountered is also determined, among other factors, by the existence of these top level centers.

Furthermore, we appreciated the fact that for the ease of their customers, CCG Mining developed two types of mining products. One for B2B and another one for B2C client-types. They have it all figured out at the managing level for the assembling, configuring and running mining servers. Never ignoring the technical requirements of a high level and permanent operation of these servers.

Cryptocurrency offer

The offer of CCG Mining includes the most profitable and efficient cryptocurrencies on our present-day market. We’re talking about of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash, Litecoin, BCH. This is a display of the safest and fast investments that you could focus on.

And that is not all. They come at the lowest price that you might find around the cloud systems.

Mining Rigs for Business Startups

One of the offers you can get here is the Mining Rigs category. The Mining Rigs offered by CCG are also used in their own data centers for their own mining.

What you’ll get

· You can start mining immediately, the equipment is ready to go

· Your own choice of a contract, cryptocurrency and algorithm to start

· Your own mining rig, to control from anywhere in the world

· Full control and configuration power over the rig

· A ready-to-use cryptocurrency mining rig

Who is it for?

· They are created for those who want to start their own business in the cryptocurrency world.

· This is interesting for you, if you already have a certain experience and expertise in this field.

· You must also have the necessary technology and equipment, as well as knowledge to self-configure and administrate the mining rigs.

· You can also try these rigs if you own a data mining center.

· If you have the technical know-how to calculate by yourself the blockchain algorithms, than the CCG Mining Rigs are also for you.

Starter packges

CCG proposes three default packages that will mainly cover the most frequent market needs. They remain open to working closely with clients in developing personalized packages.

Here is the default offer you can get:

· Basic Package – operated on 6X AMD RX580, and Hashpower: ETH — 168 Mh/s; Equihash — 1740 h/s;

· Advanced Package – operated on 6X NVIDIA 1060, and Hashpower: ETH — 128 Mh/s; Equihash — 1620 h/s;

· Fury Package – operated on 6X NVIDIA 1070, and Hashpower: ETH — 180 Mh/s; Equihash — 2580 h/s;

Cloud Mining Contracts

You get the option to make separated cloud mining contracts for each of the 6 cryptocurrencies that we already mentioned. You can make your own custom plan, that starts form a basic fee.

· Bitcoin

You get to choose between 1 year contracts and unlimited contracts.


The same 1 year/ unlimited contract options

· Ethereum

Only a 1 year contract is available.

· ZCash

1 year or 2 year contract

· Monero

You can only sign a 2 year contract

· Litecoin

Only the 2 year contract is available

Predetermined plans

Theyl also give you the option to choose a pre-determined solution. You could go for one of the three options: Mini Plan, Starter Plan or Pro Plan. Each for a fixed fee. These 3 options are available for all 6 cryptocurrencies. The only thing different between the same level plans, in different currencies, is the respective fee.

What you’ll get

· No need for a different or upgraded hardware, thus no further costs

· One time contract payment, with no other managing costs

· Immediately start the mining activity, after only 24 – 48 hours maximum, from your payment

· Any type of hashing power, in any quantity

· 100% uptime guarantee

· No excessive heat or cooling costs

· No loud noise

Payout system

You will receive the results of the algorithm, on a daily basis. They are expressed in tokens corresponding with the reward paid by CCG Mining. All the due payouts will be delivered to you in the 15th- 20th interval of each month. If it is a working day, on the 15th or 16th. If not, the payout will be postponed for the immediate next working day. They can be sent no later than 72 hours. The amount of rewarded tokens is delivered to the wallet of your choice.

The amount of tokens you receive daily depends on the network difficulty for the respective cryptocurrency of your choice.

There is also the clause for an unprofitable contract. This is the case when your reward (in USD) is below the amount of the contract’s maintenance fee (also in USD). Thus the payout is zero. If for a contract the daily payout is zero for 60 consecutive days, it will be canceled on the 61th day (though they also reserve the right to continue it and sign with you a new agreement for the same contract).

Ease for Existing Customers

Those who are already miners on CCG, have a very simple manner of comunicating with this platform. You have a reserved space where you can click on your Submit a Ticket option and you will get a form to express all your inquiries and complaints, or whatever other communication you might want do send. You will also find a box to attach documents or screenshots regarding your issue. Your ticket will be submitted to a team specilized in dealing with already existing customers. They usually reply in maximum 24 hours.

Can a mining cloud system make you rich?

Of course, you still have to keep in mind the fact that CCG Mining only provides you with cloud services. Practically you only rent from them the computing power. They do not guarantee for your success on the mining field. Nor are the subscriptions you made with them, depending on your achievement of rewards. So, this is the stage when your skills, interest, know-how, and even intuition come at play. And you are the master.

It is always about you, and the efforts you put in. At the end of the day, when mining cryptocurrency, you and your mining strategy are the central and decisive factors. However you must also benefit from all the best there is out there, at the network level. And this is also, in your hands. In the decision of choosing the most suitable and secure mining cloud network, to work with.


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