Tezos Foundation, a nonprofit organization, sells around 8000 BTC in the second half of 2019. The money earned gets invested in different assets

Bitcoin’s share in Tezos Foundation’s storage has dropped from 61%, as of July last year, to 47%, as in January 2020, according to the organization’s reports. The money has been invested in different currencies and classes of assets, which include equities, stocks and fiat currencies. The fund has also upped its share from 15% to 23% by acquiring Tezos tokens (XTZ).

As per the reports, Tezos Foundation owned around 397.7 000 000 USD worth of Bitcoin as of 31st of July 2019. As BTC cost 10000$ around that time, the fund had, as it appears, around 39700 BTC. In addition to that, as on January 31st 2020, the fund already had 31800 BTC translated to around 298.5 million USD, with one coin being worth 9400$.

This information means that Tezos Foundation has sold 8000 BTC in the latter half of 2019, which, taking the diminished prices in the account, would be worth around 46 000 000 USD today. The general cost of the fund dropped from 652 000 000 USD as of July 31st to 625 million USD as of January 31st. The fund’s assets are managed through the strategy which was established and audited in coordination with the report issued by the Tezos Foundation Council, the organization’s leadership group.

Tezos Foundation’s Chief of Finances Roman Schnider has said that, although he believes Bitcoin to be the “key means of keeping up cost”, his strategy of managing assets is to focus and accomplish long-term goals, “not getting distracted by the market’s short-term fluctuations”.

Schnider added that the investment in the multiform range of funds and equities, as well as in cryptocurrencies, are tools of risk management, which ensure “operational efficiency” during the times of cryptocurrency’s volatility. Recently it became known that Tezos and Cosmos had become the more popular projects in Japan. Let us recall that Tezos Foundation gave away 37 million USD in grants to the developers of the Tezos ecosystem.

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