Adaptive Capital Hedge Fund Will End Its Work after the fall of the Crypto Market

The decision to stop work of the fund was made on March 20, 2020, after a 50% collapse of bitcoin that occurred on March 12-13. The fund was managed by such famous personalities in the cryptocurrency space as Murad Makhmudov and Willy Wu.

The main reason for unsuccessful processes is that the fund couldn’t completely and timely respond to the crypto market due to inferior infrastructure. Back in 2018, the company gave only one growing assumption about the forecast for the bitcoin exchange rate which gave a new round to growth, but now everything has changed. Adaptive has lost about 50% of capital which led to significant damage (to the investors and the fund).

Due to the problems that affected various platforms, various exchanges led to the fact that they ceased to function, and therefore a limitation of opportunities has appeared, as reported by company representatives. They also note that it is better to stop the work than to try reviving in better results since the risks are higher than potential advantages. The most interesting and incomprehensible to many people are that the fund didn’t mention in its appeal about the BitMEX exchange. Their accounts are currently liquidated on the exchange, but why details are not mentioned will remain a mystery to everyone.

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