Enargas Gives Approval for the Start of the Gasnet Platform Based on Blockchain for Gas Certification

Enargas, an Argentine gas regulator, has given its approval for the start of the Gasnet platform based on a controlled blockchain whose task is to reduce and to accelerate the gas certification process.

The Gasnet platform, using the net of RSK smart contracts, is created by IOV Labs in the cooperation with Grupo Sabra, a developer of software. According to Pedro Perrota, who is one of Grupo Sabra co-founders, the platform not only will significantly reduce document management between a gas distributor Gasnor, customers and companies but also will accelerate the process of gas certification what usually takes about three months.

According to Diego Gutierrez, IOV Labs General Director, Gasnor and Energas will have the possibility to check all certifications and details of the completed transactions online. A transparent system will help to exclude any delays, thereby technical specialists will be able to provide the services to clients faster. Using private keys, technicians will control each step of the process, and smart contracts will allow to reduce inaccuracies and to confirm the reliability of the records.

Originally, the platform will be used for gas certification. But in the nearest future, in the process of successful system exploitation, IOV Labs and Grupo Sabra want to broaden its functions to track and manage a gas supply chain. The developers also intend to create an entire ecosystem based on blockchain. All regulated Argentine companies, working in the gas industry, will have the possibility to take its part. We recall that last September a Dutch oil and gas company Dietsmann has been starting to test the blockchain for fast interactions with clients and suppliers. In addition to it, last December Oil & Gas Blockchain Consortium used blockchain for the voting on investment and costs issues.

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