EY Japan is developing a blockchain platform for tracking the sake supply chain

EY Japan is the Japanese branch office of the audit firm Ernst & Young (EY). The office working on creating a SAKE Blockchain platform to track the sake supply chain, as well as to bout fakement.

The head of EY Japan reported that the system initially will be launched in Hong Kong and Singapore which are open to the introduction of blockchain technology. In the future, the platform is planned to take public in the Asian market.

According to EY consultant Hideaki Kajiura, the blockchain will be used to record and track information about the origin of the goods used to make sake, as well as about the conditions of production and the further supply chain of the product up to supermarkets and restaurants.

Besides, the system will provide information about the temperatures at which the product held during transportation and at points of offtake so that consumers can be sure of better storage conditions.

With QR-code on the bottle collar customers will be able to check the ingredients of sake, information about the manufacturer, as well as get recommendations for its further holding and intake. The information will be available in English, Chinese and Korean. All information entered in the system will be useful not only for buyers but also for manufacturers themselves.

Manufacturers will be able to develop ways to improve the efficiency of their product sales and turn target marketing around by analyzing all information. However, the main aim of the SAKE Blockchain platform is to make sure the identity of alcoholic products and secure the sale from fakements. Ernst & Young used blockchain before to track the supply chain of alcoholic beverages. In May last year, the company participated in the development of the tattoo Wine platform to make the process of production and supply of wine more translucid.

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