Fire blocks allow access to the Defi protocol for institutional users

Kryptovut Security Company Fireblocks merged with Defi protocol in order to allow access to decentralized credits for institutional users.

Now user’s Fireblocks can collect assets held by Hot Vault on Compound. And they can receive interest in the use of these funds to the lending of users. The company uses a multi-party computation protocol to ensure the safety of remittance.

Also, institutional investors will see their funds in Hot Vault. It should be noted, whether hardware wallet or extensions like MetaMask are used usually to access to platforms such as Compound. In a corporate environment, these kinds of solutions usually are inappropriate.

«If you are a retail investor with a few hundred bucks, there is no problem. But if you handle the big bucks, then you sure won’t want to transfer a few million dollars on MetaMask just for the job with Compound», — emphasized Kevin Yedid-Botton. It is the leader of Investment Company ParaFi, as a client of Fireblocks.

Another client of Fireblocks, co-founder Amber Group Kevin Yedid-Botton supported the colleague. He noted that it would be unthinkable to the situation when people use MetaMask for trade millions of dollars of corporate funds.

However, according to Kullande, Amber Group has not yet considered taking advantage of the new opportunities because of cheap money. On the Compound platform with credit in the ETH rate is just 0.01%. It should be reminded that on 8 March $2 534 760 in ETH was liquidated on Compound protocol. It is an all-time record since the start of the second version of the protocol in May last year.

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