Totle released the application for monitoring token prices in the DeFi markets

Tim Draper’s portfolio company produced a tool Totle Swap Technology which aggregates token prices of the DeFi markets and enables the user to pick the best deal.

Global instability and falling markets have a world-wide influence. Nevertheless, according to a venture capitalist Time Draper, Decentralized Finance is what actually gaining momentum. This is why Draper’s portfolio company decided to release the new software that would facilitate further development of this industry.

“DEX has undertaken a long journey in perfecting its usability. Totle facilitates access to the decentralized markets”, — stated David Bleznak, the founder of DeFi Totle aggregator.

As it stated in a press release, the Totle Swap Technology would allow all users to buy and sell the tokens at the best price within the DeFi industry. The software operates as routing of warrants system while detecting its best combination. This gives customers an opportunity to maximize profit from their token portfolio. The tool is aimed at users with an extensive portfolio of altcoins who prefer trading on the decentralized platforms. Additionally, the new software could be integrated into the website or application of any company.

Totle Swap Technology illustrates the correlation between the stock prices and the rest of the market, and it makes possible to choose the most profitable option for the transaction. The tool shows traders’ prices in real-time, and also has other customizable features that allow you to track trading activity.

“Our interface is the most convenient way to get the best price for your assets on Ethereum”, — stressed Blaznak.

New products and offers have been constantly appearing on the DeFi market. Earlier this month, Ethereum launched the Bitcoin-compatible DeFi platform pTokens. DeFi Money Market declared that it will launch tokenized assets in DeFi markets in order to provide cryptocurrency loans, whereas Huobi has launched a test blockchain for DeFi with support for KYC and AML.

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