Genesis mining

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is the largest dibitcoin and scrypt cloud mining provider. Genesis Mining offers three cloud mining plans at a reasonable price. Zcash mining contracts are also available.

When investing in bitcoins, you need to consider finding websites that you can trust to mine bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies without computer hardware in a simple, fast and above all safe way. The main problem with this type of investment is in fact to make a decision identifying a serious and reliable site. Genesis Mining is one of the most reliable.

Genesis mining
Genesis mining

Genesis Mining is a company founded in 2013 to manage cryptocurrencies and which allows its customers to invest money on these digital coins to make a profit. As the company grows, data mining tools and structures have also increased. The team behind this company is made up of professionals from various scientific fields ready to assist and guide you during the investment process,

From an in-depth analysis of the company and the website, as well as from reading several discussion forums and reviews, I came to the belief that the company is truly reliable. Your profits depend on the currency you are mining with and the algorithm you choose, so precise numbers are not illustrated, also because it would be misleading, but what is certain is that the profits are there

Genesis Mining, since he was born in 2013, has already earned a solid reputation for its integrity. In fact, currently, when it comes to the best cloud mining platforms, Genesis Mining takes over. It is only the largest hashpower provider hosted for Bitcoin and Altcoin, but it is also one of the best in terms of benefits and alternatives.

Some advantages of using Genesis Mining are:

Loyal customers get promotional codes and updates that increase their hash power

There are affiliate programs for those who invite friends

The distribution of the hashpot between currency types is flexible, so you can extract different coins at the same time

Convenient and simple interface

The disadvantages of Genesis Mining

Before deciding to use Genesis Mining to extract cryptocurrencies, it is important to know the disadvantages that this could bring to mining:

The system does not provide too much information on mining

Genesis does not provide users with an online calculator

There are no expense reports for users who want to track them

There is no information on each block and how it was extracted

The purpose of Genesis Mining is to offer fast and intelligent ways to allow everyone to invest in mining. The solutions they offer are suitable for all those new to the world of cryptocurrencies and also for all the more experienced large-scale investors. Genesis Mining is the largest cloud mining service ever created. Much larger (and more efficient) than Hashflare for example.

The project was created by a team of experts in the field of digital currencies, and their service is focused precisely on optimizing mining and reducing costs. All this to allow investors to have an almost guaranteed return on investment despite the drop in value of Bitcoin. Provided of course that Bitcoin or alt coins don’t go down to wanting zero.

it is a paid cloud mining service much loved by miners of digital coins that allows you to optimize the hardware space of your device (PC, Tablet, MacBook, and much more).

Thus, those who usually carry out mining activities avoid this great stress of running out of space inside their hardware!

Cloud mining allows the user to take advantage of hardware that has an important computing power and is intended solely and exclusively for the production of the most traded cryptocurrencies on the reference market.

This hardware, however, will never be entrusted directly to the user, as its management will be handled by the platform that will also take care of paying the fees that the user will have accrued based on the number of cryptocurrencies that will have been able to mine.

The main difference between traditional mining and cloud mining consists in the fact that the former is carried out directly by means of a PC owned by the miner, the latter instead is carried out within a platform, such as Genesis Mining, which allows to take advantage of the computing power of its hardware. In practice, it is as if the user was renting virtual hardware to carry out the calculation operations necessary to undermine the digital currency.

To take advantage of the Genesis Mining cloud mining service, the user must pay a price, but in return, he ensures returns against the rather high capital spent over the course of a year. The cost of cloud mining depends on the type of cryptocurrency that the user intends to mine, but also and above all on the computing power that is intended to be used. The cloud mining service offers various alternatives that take into account the most diverse needs of its customers. For those who wish to mine Bitcoin, they will have a price will have another for those who instead want to examine the Dash cryptocurrency, and so on for all cryptocurrencies they intend to mine.From remember that this platform does not allow you to mine them all but only 6 or the best known.

Genesis Mining has the ambitious goal of making its innovative cloud mining service available to anyone, without making the user more burdensome with long registration procedures and without requiring particular skills in the field of mining and cryptocurrency creation. Thanks to this service, a digital currency can be obtained in a very simple way and within anyone’s reach, by following these simple steps:

first you need to select the digital currency you want to mine; then, payment of the corresponding plan must be made;

finally, create an account and choose the plan or even more plans that meet the user’s needs.

At any time it will be possible to receive all the updates in real time on the volume of digital currency generated, as it will be enough to access your account and view the corresponding dashboard.

But what are the gains that can be obtained by making the most of the excellent service offered by Genesis Mining? Just as with traditional mining, the player can earn based on the performance of some rather incisive factors, such as the type of plan to be purchased: in fact, the greater the computing power provided by the plan, the higher the opportunity to achieve noteworthy income.

Furthermore, the volume of profit that can be generated also depends on the type of digital currency that the user will decide to mine, taking into account that each blockchain presents a different extraction difficulty. For example, in the case of Bitcoins, profit is strongly conditioned by the difficulty of mining which varies over time. The different market values ​​of the digital currencies that it will choose to mine will also affect the amount of profit generated by the user.

In the case of Litecoins, in addition to encountering difficulties in carrying out mining operations, profit is also affected by the exchange value with Bitcoins. The trend of digital currencies such as Ethereum and Dash is influenced only by the difficulty of mining.

No matter which cloud mining package you purchase, with Genesis Mining you will purchase their latest technologies, which will ensure that you can profit for as long as possible. In addition to cutting-edge hardware technologies, they have made sure to keep electricity costs very low. They thought well to optimize the cooling systems to the maximum. For example, the locations of their mining farms are in places where it is very cold. In addition to the cost savings, the right cooling guarantees almost 100% uptime, therefore no mining seconds will be lost.The Genesis Mining project to date includes 6 cryptocurrencies that you can mine via mining cloud:







Once you purchase the contract and the desired hashpower you can choose which cryptocurrencies to distribute it in.

Genesis Mining is one of the most established and reliable cloud mining projects known. The location of the mining farms is kept hidden for security reasons, but their «department stores» full of super computers have been filmed from the inside and made public in multiple videos.

One of the most ambitious projects set up by Genesis Mining is the latest mining farm created: Enigma, the largest Ethereum mining farm that has ever been taken up.Genesis Mining has much more advanced mining farms, optimized to the maximum to obtain profits despite Bitcoin’s declines in value.

Hashflare is currently unable to generate profit. Bitcoin has dropped to the point where the maintenance costs of the Hashflare mining farm outweigh the profits. Only a rise in Bitcoin could reactivate a positive return on investment in Hashflare.

As for Genesis mining instead, at the very least, we have a shy 2% return on investment (in 5 years). In a more optimistic forecast, where the value of Bitcoin rises, an excellent return on investment of 27% could be reached.


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