Making Money with crypto currencies is a booming business currently. Many people have taken to this method of getting themselves earn big Money. Maybe you can be wondering how they do it. Well, I’m here to clearly explain to you what these people do to make such vast sums of Money.

How to make Money through bitcoin.

There are many ways through which one can earn considerable money through bitcoin. I will just focus on the main ones because the list is too long. Once you get to understand these methods, you can freely make your decision on which method to pick, and you will surely make it. However you should do thorough research and find a method you are comfortable with.

Bitcoin mining.

Talking about the mining of bitcoin, basically, there are two types of mining that people typically use. There is personal and cloud mining. People who do personal mining (individual mining with own rig) are subject to maintenance, and that means that they are responsible for buying hardware for running this and all other bills like electricity. The other mining method, which is cloud mining, does bit involve many this as opposed to personal mining. Here hardware or software, assemble or even anything is not needed – all you need to do is pay a one-time fee for a contract, and that’s it! Usually, at the end of every month, you’ll receive your earnings. The amount will be based on your plan of choice and the electricity bill at the facility that the cloud mining service is based on.

Overall, crypto currency mining is a very prevalent method for people searching on how to Make Money with Bitcoin. It does require some knowledge and expertise in the field to be able to perform it successfully (especially if you want to build your rig), but the effort is definitely worth the results.

Buying bitcoin.

There are these other types of people who feel it is right having an investment. Yes, with bitcoin, you are also able to make an investment. With bitcoin, you can decide to buy a certain amount of bitcoin and forget about the account for some long term period of time, and on later dates come back end check on there account for the accumulated earnings.

Another type of investment is doing regular research and analysis about the signals used, after which they decide to invest some amount of money that will allow them for a certain period of time to trade their bitcoins with instant earnings directly paid to them.

Usually, with this type of earning, you can realize a fortune or a misfortune; either with your Money, you can make huge cash or as well cause the most significant loss. So you either become poor or rich.

Accept payment in bitcoin.

As well one can decide to be trading in bitcoin terms just the same way one would prefer payment if Money. This way, one has to determine a service they can provide to the best and post for access by the prospects. Once this is decided upon, the person creates a bitcoin wallet where they receive the direct payments whenever their services get to be paid for.

Now you should think of how to charge the people you offer services to. For instance, online forums are the best market places for you. Now here you only trade your services on bitcoin terms in exchange for your assistance. This is another right way people get to earn pretty good Money with bitcoin.

IEO and bounty

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). This process implies that previously private coins are made public to the market for the first time for sale. Users can get access to it and buy it as creators (who in this case is you) receive funding from sales. Depending on demand, this process determines the coin price in the market.


Just as in the normal marker places where sellers buy at low prices and sell to buyers at a rate more than the buying price, it is just the same way with bitcoin. The only difference here is that you have really analysed the direction the graph signal is most likely to take, lest you lose you Money! Again you have to determine the best time to but you bitcoin and the best time to release them to the market to be bought, which should be slightly higher to realize the profit.

Referral programs

Have you ever heard of network marketing? Well, this is a program in which you invite other people into the business, and the company compensates you. In the same way in cryptocurrency, you get to be paid for your effort if bringing new people. Yet, instead of bonuses, companies pay with digital coins (tokens). This is one of the popular ways to earn cryptocurrency since it also does not require any investments.

Holding and renting.

With bitcoin, some coins get used up on their own. When you do rent and holding as some coins are continually being used. For instance, Ethereum, in such systems, the creation of each transaction block comes with a reward (usually are those coins initially not in circulation). Hence, their total amount is not limited.

A different approach is, however, implemented in Bitcoin. For the creation of a block, the system will always generate a reward as well. But every four years its amount is reduced (some get in the circulation of being used up constantly). Eventually, the emission will cease when the number of BTC in circulation hits 21 million. At this level you will receive only user commissions.


For you to earn good money, you have to go for the method that best suits you to work with. For instance, with IEO and holding and rent, you have to do proper research and analysis to get to earn. Other methods like trading and mining you have to get well with bitcoin price, for instance. And also, you have to remember to choose the method that you can budget for successfully run without losses.

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