Italian Banca Sella launches bitcoin trade against the background of quarantine

Italy declared national quarantine over the coronavirus pandemic. In that context local bank Banca Sella has started bitcoin trade on its digital platform – Hype.

The bank will become a mediator between traders and cryptocurrency exchanges with its platform to reduce security issues for users. Now all the citizens are at home so we can see a keen interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Hype platform will allow not only to buy and sell bitcoin but also to pay with cryptocurrencies for goods and services. Meanwhile, the amount of Italians who are using the platform today is already 1.2M. Hype CEO Antonio Valitutti said:

«Cryptocurrency market and bitcoin trade, in particular, continue attracting interest especially among our customers – young and smart, by definition, they want to receive the access to global opportunities with the platform they use every day». Last November it was reported that bitcoin became the third most popular way to pay for online purchases in Italy.

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